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Vorsicht beim Firmwareupdate, an einigen Stellen wird empfohlen den Akku mit anzuschließen da die USB-Spannung zu gering sein könnte. In diesem Fall kann es zB. bei einem Hexacopter zum plötzlichen Hochdrehen zweier Motore kommen da die Einstellungen auf Quadrocopter zurück gesetzt wird. Auf RCGroups wurde schon von Verletzungen durch montierte Propeller berichtet.

Versionen der Rabbitsoftware


Lfhm Tools Englisch + Chinesisch v1.202

Lfhm update V1.202 Chinese

Lfhm Tools englisch V1.203

Lfhm Tools 1.205

Lfhm Tools 1.206

Lfhm Tools 1.207 08.04.2012

changes from 1.206 is:

1. extended TX stick's dead band zone a bit so that slight gitter in the stick's center position won't affect the fc to go into GPS position holding mode...

2. fine tune the height locking algorithm around the ultrasonic/baro transition zone..

Lfhm Tools 1.208 14.04.2012

1. Improve stick detection for height hold control

2. Improve the Auto Landing algorithm

Optimierte GUI von KKUSA/rcgroups 05.05.2012


Firmware 1.209 10.05.2012

GUI für V1.209c English 12.05.2012

V1.209 upgrade notes:

1. improved the baro height lock algorithm in order to avoid being interfered by the sonar in the upper region causing motor shutdown.

2. Servo travel limit extended from 0.9 to 2.1 mSec

3. inhibit all motor channel outputs while doing the firmware upgrade to avoid motor suddent run up (especially with the main LiPo battery connected). Default mode after upgrade is X-Quad.

4. added support for type 5611 baro sensor

5. added parameter for GPS being operated under strong wind enviornment

6. Gyro self test releived and reverted back to version 1.207.. testing time extended from 4 to 6 seconds.

7. added 400Hz update rate for ESC signal as well as 330Hz servo update rate settings

8. added INV-Y6 flight mode

Upgrade for the PC tools :

1. automatic refresh all prarmeters after FW upgrade.

2. correct the bug that failed to display the servo update rate in v.1.208

Komplettpaket incl. Englischer Anleitung 1.209 13.05.2012

Softwarepaket 1.210 29.05.2012

Softwarepaket 1.210e 30.05.2012

Softwarepaket 1.211 20.06.2012 Verbesserungen bei den GPS-Funktionen, Norden in der Gui jetzt bei 0 Grad

Softwarepaket 1.212 07.07.2012 Upgrade of v1.212

1. Add magnetic declination parameter

2. Add “Health_V” which is in effect a measure of vibration level

3. fc can only be armed after leveling calibration is done

4. Add smart 3D function – when Auto Stability and 3D are both turned on, and the pilot pushes full the Elevator or Aileron stick, then the fc will control the m-rotor to flip by itself .and retain auto stability right thereafter... you have to re-centre the stick once the flip has started or you may go into multi-flips

5. Add Fail Safe – Return Home function

6. GUI window frame size reduced to cope with 1024 x 600 screen

Softwarepaket 1.218 20.09.2012

1. modify the PC tool GUI

2. added display the GPS longitude and latitude in the GUI

3. can modify the speed of RTH

4. add the parameter for adjust the GPS position hold.

5.fix the bug for barometer and ultrasonic sensor switch problem

6. 7 channel change to 3 position switch and add 8 channel switch

7. servo output add 400hz

8. can use throttle to calibrate the ESC and other parameter during power up.

9. add Z axis gimble control

10. add 3 axis center pooint adjust and travel adjust.

11. when power up the gimble is in action no need to arm.

12. 3 axis can manual control for gimble.

13 fail-safe move to 5 channel.

14. battery monitor uplimited set to 4V

15. adjust the parameter for Smart 3D.

you can change English inside the GUI. on the up right side of the gui

Englisches Softwarepaket 1.218 20.09.2012

Softwarepaket 1.219 25.09.2012

1-Add the Edit option for IRRET_Shape

2-Add the options (check box) for receiver ch. reverse 1 to 4...(only 5 to 8)

3-Voltage Alarm setup GUI is OK

4-Add the slider for delay of auto power off

Softwarepaket 1.220 26.09.2012

1.Correct the ch1-ch4 reverse

2.Eliminate the bug in GPS Longitude Display.

Softwarepaket 1.230 09.12.2012

1¡¢The time for compass calibrating is 60 second

2¡¢evenif you have not done horizontal calibration,You can unlock the Rabbit.

3¡¢Add the new function:Gimmbal control mod : knob mod & stick mod

4¡¢more safe when calibrating

Softwarepaket 1.231 07.06.2013

1, changing the compass calibration method

2, increasing the level of fine-tuning the air calibration function

3, an increase PTZ function mixing augmentation mode

4, increase the anti-Y3 flight mode

Vermutungen von Formosa zu den Änderungen auf http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=25385551&postcount=8865 :

The following is my guessing

2013.6.7 V1.231 update instructions

1, changing the compass calibration method

Change to use the one that V2 is using, with audio indicator when the position of the ship is aligned with peak magnetic field (need to practice before you know what is going on)

2, increasing the level of fine-tuning the air calibration function

Add an in-the-air horizontal calibration mode, like the one V2 is using, so one could calibrate the ship while the ship is in the air(this one is a really good one)

3, an increase PTZ function mixing augmentation mode

Add an gimbal output option that mixing together the pitch and roll axle output, so that one could use two servos to run the Super Simple Gimbal in this thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1793759 (I have not try this yet but if it works, it would be fantastic)

4, increase the anti-Y3 flight mode

I don't know!

Die Rabbit II Anleitung:

Anleitung Rabbit II Englisch


USB 32 and 64 bit driver


Anleitung Englisch

GPS Anleitung Englisch 4.2.2012

Anleitung Englisch 1.5.2012