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Engine Choice

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Engine Choice

Beitragvon Ron500E » 14.02.2017, 09:58

Does anyone know if an OM 602 will fit without cutting any of the body work?

What engines are recommended for a little more power?



Sitting Duck
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Re: Engine Choice

Beitragvon Sitting Duck » 27.03.2018, 18:58

M115 2.3L 110 HP.
Although with the same gearing you really won't go any faster.
I heard it is possible to install new gears in the rear differential from an L508D but I can't find them or anyone in California to work on my bus. You can install an aftermarket 'Gear Vender" unit to the drive shaft propeller for over $3,000.
This will get you 28% more speed. Maybe 15 MPH faster.
I bought an M115 with 4 speed automatic but I think I am going to put a reliable Toyota 22R with a transmission that already has an overdrive instead of installing the aftermarket gear vendor product.

Is it sacrilege to put a Toyota engine in a O319?
Or do you think the $3,000 investment and keeping a Mercedes engine, (not original) will have a better resale value?
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