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peformance upgrade?

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peformance upgrade?

Beitragvon Josh » 20.08.2017, 21:00

hello from England hope everyone is well and enjoying their 319er
so today I took my 319 on a 60 mile drive everything went well but wow its slow 50mph top speed and the engine was screaming.
I was thinking maybe I could run a low boost turbo setup? I would need to change the diesel fuel pump also I was thinking to change the rear axle ratio? so what I need to find out
1 will any other axles fit the l319 that has a taller ratio?
2 is there a diesel injection pump that is mechanical with turbo boost enrichment that will fit the om636?
thanks in advance

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Re: peformance upgrade?

Beitragvon panzerjim » 20.08.2017, 21:18

you can put an OM616 for more power, but for the rear ration i don't know ...
we can't make new with old .... but we try 8)


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