Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2 -  

Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Bilder und Beschreibungen von Restaurierarbeiten oder auch selbstherstellen von Ersatzteilen oder Werkzeugen. Sowie Tipps und Tricks die das Arbeiten erleichtern
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Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Beitragvon frankbrus » 21.08.2009, 17:08

My new project "Omnibus 319 mit offenes verdeck" teil 2
About 1 year ago I have send you part 1 . Here is part 2

As I want to do the restoration total and as original as possible I will give you some storys in this Forum. I'm sorry that I will do the most in the English language. I can speak German... but I can't write it.

To find out what would be the best colorcombination I looked days and evenings over the internet and found a few sites who could provide me with information about existing colors. Also I took contact with the factory and they have send me a lot of information and colormaps.

Hereby the link to sites : ... colors.htm

Finaly We decided to take mercedes blue DB 335 and grayblue DB 168.

When this O 319 was at the paintshop for new paint I had the time to start with the interior. I had to surch for new original parts used on this bus.

First of all the rubber floor mat. I found out that the first busses had a rubber ribbed floormat brown in color. The busses produced in the 60’s had another type of floormat.
Look to the enclosed pictures. The ribbed rubber floormat I can only find in black. It seams like brown doesn’t exised anymore. The later produced floortmat looks like vinyl but is thicker and stonger. You can find almost the same color ,light gray with brown yellow stripes, but they are from vinyl and not so strong.

Later I started to look for the glasseals. All the side glass and the panoramic windows in the roof where mounted with the same rubber profile. You can find it but be aware that it must be soft. I mean max. 60 Shore or you will have problems by replacing the glass. price about 12 euros a meter by Happich in Germany.

For the seatmaterial I found a company in Holland. They did send me a bunch of samples
to find the matching vinyl. The original is very hard to find but I am happy that I found the vinyl with the patern close to the original. Hereby the company in Holland. . The price for a roll of about 35 meters by 1.4 meters ca. 400 euros.

The seatsprings where reusable but the back of the seats was made out of metal wich was rusted over the years. I made it new out off good plywood in combination with Stainless Steel pipes with the exact dimensions as before. The saetframes where powdercoated.

The blinkers from Hella are easy to find on Ebay. Even the raer blinker is like the lights from Wartburg.
Now I need to take my time to put all the parts together. I will give you more info later .

Ich suche 1 set Bosch nebelscheinwerfer ,originalen Haltegriff und 2 neuen Katzaugen.

you can also look to more pictures at :
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Re: Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Beitragvon Schlosser » 21.08.2009, 19:03

Hallo Francis
Einfach nur Klasse. :respekt: :klatsch: :gott:
Gruss Jochen

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Re: Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Beitragvon esmeralda31 » 22.08.2009, 19:31

Dear Francis,

that´s really really amazing- congratulations. :top:

Fantastic...Thanks for sharing!

I hope you`ll get the parts you need...

Best regards from Bea
Allzeit gute Fahrt!

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Re: Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Beitragvon 190slr » 23.08.2009, 20:14

Halo Francis ,, Very nice job,, :wink: :wink: :wink: congratulation, prima top

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Re: Restaurierung eines O319 Panoramabusses part 2

Beitragvon Compay » 23.08.2009, 22:19

zo francis

wat ziet dat er grondig en fraai uit!
veel zucces verder ermee!

vraagje die grayblue DB 168 vind ik ook een mooie kleur
kan ik met dit nummer zo naar de verfmengwinkel?
of werkt dat toch anders?

hoor het graag van je

hoi rob


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